Garden Portals

Distinct areas in a garden can be designed as a powerful vortex to draw in energy, creating a sacred space or as a portal through which one may connect with the divine.

Below is a space that balances the 5 elements of Feng Shui (fire, water, earth, wood and metal), but has as its theme, the element of water and the sacred circle. Here is the symbolism used in the design:

  • The concentric patio reflects the center of creation.
  • The Balinese water maiden statue is pouring water from a vase.
  • The circle forms represent the element of metal.
  • The wooden beams and plants represent the element of wood.
  • The upright cactus and reddish rust colors represent the element of fire.
  • The the adobe clay columns and slate stone planter represent the earth element.
  • The blue and white mosaic represents flowing water not only by the colors, but by the pattern.

insert cave creek portal pic

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