The Paradise Garden Ebook

From Weeds To Wonderland...

Discover How To Transform Any Ordinary Garden Into A Sacred Sanctuary Filled With Peace and Tranquility 

  John Stuart Leslie, Sedona, Arizona
Occupation: Spiritual Gardener, Landscape Designer and Author


Dear Reader,

If you've dreamed of strolling in your garden at dusk… drinking in fragrant blooms of roses, gardenias or jasmine as if you were getting an aromatherapy treatment at a spa…

If you've always wanted to create a private secret retreat of luscious greenery that envelopes your soul...

If you yearn to want to form a deep connection between yourself and your spirituality in the garden…

Then please read on...

In your mind's eye, step outside for a moment. Feel the sun-warmed grass between your toes. Smell the moist soil. Relax. Breathe in the scented air. And let your imagination drift to your idyllic garden…

Perhaps you dream of awakening to your true self triggered by the opening of a white Lotus on the tranquil surface of your pond.

Or maybe you'd like to recreate that secret altar you had growing up, full of special flowers, stones and feathers that had special meanings for you.

Imagine the wind not just blowing, but singing sacred rhythms. A gently flowing stream guiding your thoughts into serenity and hummingbirds visiting you as if they were your own personal angels.

Or perhaps you'd like to stroll in a shaded tree garden filled with shady fern-filled nooks, and flowers planted to each symbolize prosperity, abundance and gratitude.

Let Mother Nature Feed Your Soul

From the first seed of intention to the time when you sit back and admire your co-creation, designing a garden is one of the most satisfying projects you'll ever take on.

The best part? It's entirely yours - a reflection of your personality and style and your spiritual path. You don't have to be super-creative or gifted to shape a garden that opens your heart and soul. You just have to have an open mind and be willing to allow and receive.

And, turning an ugly, weed-infested yard into your sacred sanctuary garden needn't be an overwhelming task - provided you know what to do.

Whether you've just bought a house or if you're simply in need of a little motivation and guidance, today you have the opportunity to create your very own paradise that is a spiritual
and sacred wonderland.


 The Paradise Garden Ebook

You Don't Need a Green Thumb if You Have a Balanced Mind, Body & Spirit

You'll discover simple, step-by-step instructions for:

  • Uncovering what paradise means on a spiritual level and on an earthly level and what are the 5 essential principles that all paradise gardens contain. Discover why Paradise, Heaven and The Garden of Eden are all described in a garden like setting and how you can capture those elements to experience your own idea of paradise.

  • Mastering the essential elements of garden design: Learn how to avoid the amateur mistakes that no one else will tell you about… How to exploit focal points in your garden… Effective use of color in a bold, playful, yet tasteful way… Utilizing texture, fragrance and repetition to enhance even the smallest garden…

  • Establishing your priorities: Sometimes your lifestyle needs may have to override certain wants and desires. Your dream of perfectly manicured lawns may have to go, unless you're willing to mow the lawn or hire a gardener.  If you have a huge yard, maybe you could build that Labyrinth or Medicine Wheel instead of the big lawn or maybe have it all.

  • Plotting your Paradise Garden: This is the phase where you create your own spiritual blueprint, and give life to your garden dreams. Discover the 10 secret landscape design principles that will transform any space into a sacred sanctuary paradise.

  • Knowing which particular garden theme you resonate with and that you can personalize to make your own.  Discover ancient sacred symbols that will speak to you and how to use them in your design for maximum effect.

  • Adding Feng Shui to the formula. Learn the basics without having to consult a professional practitioner to tell what to do or where to place things. I have an easy step by step process to create balance and harmony into your garden using Feng Shui without going crazy.

  • There is no right or wrong garden. But there are right and wrong ways of going about creating one. Mistakes cost time and money - and can frustrate amateur gardeners to the point where they simply give up or lose interest.

Rather than simply buying a fountain or building a small pond and placing it somewhere and calling it your "Paradise Garden", get advice straight from someone who has "been there, done that"… and one who not only designs these types of gardens, but experiences the profound benefits as well.

Tips the Zen Gardeners Use to Create Sacred Space

"The Paradise Garden: How To Create a Sacred Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard" is loaded with over 130 pages along with photographs, drawings and diagrams and will tell you:

  • How to determine where to locate a secret sanctuary to make it truly a sacred retreat

  • How to increase the energy vibration of your garden and your self using design

  • What the most powerful sacred symbol is that you can design into your garden

  • Why cultivating your "inner" garden is just as important as the outer garden

  • How to achieve spiritual experiences regardless of any particular spiritual belief system or religious affiliation

  • The location of the only garden sage you need listen to as your guide

  • How to easily tap into the power of Sacred Geometry

  • And much more…

Better yet, this no-nonsense e-book offers practical advice on how to work within your budget;  and how to make your dollar go further without compromising quality.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on glossy picture books and end up with a firm grip on how to get started. Nor is this a cheap reprint of someone else's material. This book is full of knowledge and insights I have been cultivating for many years and I intend to share these pearls of wisdom with you if you resonate with this message.

How do you put a price on peace and tranquility?    
Given all the profound benefits and spiritual insights contained in this book advisors suggested I sell it for $49.00...they said people routinely spend $50-$100 for a reading, healing session or counselor but what I am offering is something tangible that you can own forever, benefitting from the contents as the concepts sink in over time.  
I've deliberately kept the price of The Paradise Garden : How to Create a Sacred Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard low, so even in this economy people can afford to get hold of this valuable material. 

Instead of $49, you’ll only invest $27 … That’s a SAVINGS of $22! or a 44% discount! 

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If you have $27 and willing to explore that part of you that yearns for that spiritual connection or to take it to the next level in the garden, then this practical yet spiritually focused e-book will help you along your spiritual path with a clear plan of action.

So place your order today for "The Paradise Garden: How To Create a Sacred Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard" and you'll receive it within minutes.


$49 $27 
Caution: This book is not an airy-fairy, visionary dream exercise. Nor is it an academic lecture in garden design about ancient myths and legends. It is intended to be down to earth, easy to read and useful. And most of all, intended to spark something within your soul that will open up new paths of realization you may have been searching for along your spiritual journey. 

But wait... I hear angels!

Ordering today will also guarantee you several valuable bonuses: 

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Our indispensable Spiritual Gardening Resources Guide. More than 80 categorized sources of online information and ideas designed to set your creative and motivational juices flowing - all available without leaving your computer! 
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"Garden Design: Secrets Your Landscape Contractor Doesn't Want You to Know" will tell you where to get free plants four times a year; How to use color to camouflage an eyesore; What the rarest color in the garden is, and how best to incorporate it into yours; Little-known secrets for making a small yard look large; Which dirt-cheap and dramatic perennial can be planted at 2-week intervals for color from early summer to late fall; The one simple trick that can reduce your weeding by 90 percent and much more… 

Garden Design Secrets in Mp3 audio format.  A whole audio ebook with 9 chapters that covers the basic principles of landscape design. You could burn the audio files onto a CD and play them while travelling in the car, or just listen to them at your leisure in front of your computer. The choice is yours. 
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Personal design consultation and support online via email for 30 days. My normal hourly design consultations in person are $75.00 per hour, but you can have a whole 30 days to ask questions and get advice, insight and guidance towards the design of your own sacred sanctuary Paradise Garden that will you be creating for yourself. After you have absorbed the material and are ready to start, simply email me to start the 30 day consultation. I will be there to help. 


And what’s even better, you can own this book and the FREE bonus gifts within minutes. 
You’ll start creating your own Sacred Sanctuary with inspiration and confidence. The books come as a digital download in PDF format straight to your computer so there’s no waiting…simply click open the books and allow your mind, body and spirit to open as well.  
Here’s the Total Package You Will Receive... 

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Bonus Gift # 1 

“Spiritual Gardens Resource Guide” 


Bonus Gift # 2 

“Garden Design Secrets Your Contractor Doesn't Want You to Know”  

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Your 60-Day, No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with The Paradise Garden: How to Create a Sacred Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard.

In fact, I invite you to look through my book and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything   I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Are you thinking of turning a hidden corner of your yard into a secluded secret garden? 

Perhaps you dream of creating a special area where your spirit can merge with nature. Do you want to experience your very own personal vortex garden? Whatever the reason, you’ll have everything you need to get started at your finger tips. 

Be kind to yourself and reward your spirit. This is a chance to really get connected to the essence of a garden at a spiritual level.  Allow this to manifest in your life. The spiritual benefits are priceless. 

And don’t forget you SAVE $22 by ordering now plus you get $110 worth of FREE Bonuses.  Not only that, your purchase is completely covered by my 60-day money back guarantee. 

Warm Regards,

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  Ordering is Safe, Easy and Secure 
$49 $27 
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Do it
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Your Inner Garden

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Creating a Hardscape Plan

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Building in Stages

Costly Mistakes to Avoid



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